Calligraphy is one of the most classic additions to wedding stationery. It is traditionally used on the invitation envelopes, but today it is used on table cards, escort cards, programs, favor tags and other stationery pieces. It's not typically used on the entire invitation, although spot calligraphy is becoming more popular. This is when you choose to use calligraphy on certain parts of the invitations, such as the names of the bride and groom. 


If you like the look of calligraphy but would like more affordable stationery options, there are calligraphy fonts that can be printed on your envelopes and other wedding pieces. Since calligraphy is so time-consuming, it is one of our more expensive additions at Dear Addie. It is available in various ink colors, including white (which can look gorgeous on navy, maroon or charcoal-colored envelopes).

If you know you would like calligraphy, please allow two to four weeks (depending on the quantity) for this process to complete. To learn more or to order calligraphy, please fill out our custom order contact form.